Lo-Fi Nitro Coffee Martini

by Climpson & Sons

is a delicious and decadent cocktail crafted using premium ingredients to give a modern twist on the classic. At Climpson’s we pride ourselves on our coffee, so for us, the coffee martini was an obvious and fun project from the outset. Using a small kit in our roastery at Climpson’s Arch we tested different coffees and ingredients to ensure we applied the right processes to create the best coffee-based martini — Climpson & Sons Lo-Fi Nitro Coffee Martini.

Following the company’s ethos of quality we didn’t just want to replicate a drink that can be produced anywhere, we wanted a drink that was unique and had depth of flavour, yet well-balanced and delicious. Each ingredient promotes the natural characteristics of coffee, complementing and accentuating different areas of the palate creating a balanced structure and mouthfeel.

Key Ingredients

Climpson & Sons
«The Baron» Daterra Estate, Brazil

East London Liquor Company
Demerara Rum (40%), Guyana
Navy Strength Rum (58%), Guyana
Vodka (40%), London

Organic cacao nibs, Peru
Bourbon vanilla, Madagascar

Unique Brewing Method
Small batch, hand made to order and infused with nitrogen
• Speed
Serve drinks in a fraction of the time of making an espresso martini

• Consistency
Every drink tastes the same as the last, no variations from staff — bringing everyone onto the same skill level

• No prep
No more batching stale espresso pre-service, or running out mid-service – just change a keg!
• Quality
Using the best ingredients from artisanal and specialist producers and suppliers

• Unique
A refreshing take on the classic cocktail, making a unique and interesting variation

• Gross Profit
Increase volume with great margins

Perfect Serve

• Fill your glass with ice *
• After 30 sec. throw ice away
• Open the tap to pour **
• Allow head to settle
• Garnish with gold dust

* You want that glass nice and cold!
** Recommended serve is 130ml pour


Mobile dispense system
Introducing our new Lo-Fi Martini Gun. The guns are available in 2 sizes – 500ml and 1 litre – and are a great way to sell Lo-Fi. Fill the body of the gun with the martini from a bag-in-box dispenser. Load and charge with a nitro cartridge, then pull the trigger for a smooth and easy pour. Just remember to always keep it chilled and to give it a shake before every use. Watch a demo of the Lo-Fi gun in action


Counter dispense installations
We offer a full installation service, we will arrange a survey with our installation partners and supply equipment with our guarantee of quality and consistency. We offer 12 month lease to own contracts with general maintenance as a service for the contract length.


Addition to existing tap system
The nitro coffee martini is packaged in 10 and 20 litre key kegs, these can be installed on any existing tap system, it just requires a bottle of food grade nitrogen and a creamer spout for the tap head.
Find Lo-Fi at
• The Marksman
• Mare Street Market
• The Axe
• The Scolt Head
• Giant Steps
• Fountain and Ink
• The Blues Kitchen Brixton
• The Spurstowe Arms
• Red Hand
• Smoking Goat Shoreditch

To follow Lo-Fi